About Realfeelgrips

Realfeelgrips is a company specialising on bringing you the purest, best feeling putter grip on the market; The Salty Cork Putter Grip by Saltygrips.  These Grips are handmade using natural sustainable cork, from Cork groves in Portugal; they are not mass produced and never can be, making them one of the most ethical products in Golf!!

The benefits of the cork grip are many:

Much lighter than rubber/composite grips (promoting a better club head feel, and quieter hands) thus allowing for a softer grip on the putter, easing tension in the arms and shoulders, making for a much smoother stroke.

The cork acts as a dampener on any slightly miss hit putts, reducing vibration up the shaft.

The grip looks stylish and elegant, suitable for all putters.

Each grip is sealed against the elements, and can easily be restored to bring back to its original state with some buffing up with a low grit sandpaper.

4 sizes available standard, mid size and the fatso jumbo and now the NEW ULTRA SLIM SALTY PUTTER GRIP suitable for all golfers juniors/men and ladies of all hand sizes. (check individual product for dimensions)

All grips can be customized for a small fee.

Why change your trusty putter, when all you need is to put some Realfeel back into your putting again.

All Grips conform to R&A and USPGA Rules

Realfeelgrips is the Exclusive UK distributor of the Salty Grip, and proud to promote the sustainable Ethical Natural Salty Cork Putter Grip.

Exclusive U.K distributor of the Saltygrip