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Cork comes from the Cork Oak tree ( Quercus suber ) and it is native to South West Europe and parts of North Africa.  The thick bark from the cork tree can be harvested from mature trees many times so this sustainable resource provides for the specialist farmers of Spain and Portugal and the trees can live to 250 years old.  Traditional farming is by hand as only skilled men can extract the bark without harming the tree.  The oaks are so valuable that the forests can only legally be cut down by special government order.

Cork is used in many things from wine corks to flooring but the true value of the real feel of cork was first used in fishing rod grips where sensitivity is THE key and now you can experience that real feel of cork in Realfeel cork putter grips.




Golf Digest Review:   

“Saltygrips are putter grips made from cork, same as handles on fishing rods.…. it evolved because it makes more sense from a technical standpoint when you realize how light it is and that it seems to provide a lot more feedback. You know when you mis-hit a putt. Rubber can have such a strong dampening effect.”

Golfchannel Review:    

Salty Grips  hold a few distinct advantages over their rubber counterparts..  For starters, the cork used  is 25 to 30 percent lighter than your typical putting grip, with the standard Mid size Salty Grip weighing in at 40 grams. The patented lightweight design conforms to R&A &USGA rules and promotes true control over your stroke.  Salty Grips also offers an oversized ( jumbo ) grip for golfers who want a bit more to hold on to.. addition to the classy cork look, all of their grips are completely customizable with logos or text, so you can show off your individuality on the club you use most.
..Salty Grips are designed to last a lifetime of playing golf..

PGA Review:

..the light weight of cork and the smooth texture of the grips enhance feel and encourage a confident putting stroke.
…Unlike rubber grips, which need replacement, you can restore Salty Grips without even removing them from your putter. Simply give the grip a light brush with a fine-grit sandpaper and the cork will be restored to its original feel and hue.
“My Salty Grip is just what I need to feel quiet hands during my stroke,” says Adam Smith, the 2008 Middle Atlantic PGA Section Teacher of the Year. “I teach tempo and connection during putting lessons. My students will truly improve their stroke and feel with this putter grip!”

World Golf Review:

Why cork? According to Salty Grips…
First, cork is tough. Although it can be brittle before it’s fitted onto the putter shaft (don’t try to bend it), cork is resilient, dirt- and oil-repellant, and restorable to original condition with a light rub of fine-grained sandpaper.
Second, cork is remarkably good at conducting vibration. Salty Grips transmit very subtle differences in feel between off-center and center-struck putts immediately to your hands.
… can also be customized and do impart a novel, and ultimately finely tuned, feel to your putts. The sizing options both help counteract the flipping ,as noted above as they work to neutralize your hands and wrists during the stroke.
The cork is unexpectedly resilient to dirt and grime. …. still looks brand new after over a dozen rounds.
.. My first instinct was to grip the club more tightly in response to the smooth texture. But I soon found that a somewhat counterintuitive looser grasp improved feel and stroke consistency. Now, when I go back to the newer super-tacky rubber grips, it feels like they are catching or sticking on my hands, and every tiny twitch or twist feels magnified.

When you get your hands on a Salty Grips putter grip, you won’t want to let go.
…..They have taken the durability, feel, and looks of classic cork normally reserved to our favorite fishing rods and married it to the only club you use on every hole on the golf course

 Mygolfspy Review

 Once you get your hands around it, you notice a firmness that’s not hard, and a smoothness that’s not slippery.  … Salty Grips possess these qualities, and the feedback during the stroke is unmistakable.  Like a quality forged iron, you know where on the putter face contact is made.
You can further personalize the feel with just a few brushes with fine grit sandpaper.  The over-sized design takes your hands and wrists out of the stroke.




This is what the press are saying about the sensational cork putter grips from Saltygrips.


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